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Website Update

On or around January 24th the CECLC website suffered  a major attack from hackers.  The attack, which we believe originated from Russia or Ukraine*, took down the website and hijacked our system.  During the down time, any attempts to view our website resulted in blank pages being displayed.  There was no known danger presented to […]

CECLC website attacked

The CECLC website was compromised by hackers within the last 48 hours.  Presently we are working to recover from the damage.  We have temporarily moved to another server at BridgeTown Hosting. As a result, some of the pages on the site are out of date at this time.    We are working to resolve […]

Deadlines for 2017 Conference

Important Dates For 2017 CECLC Conference   Deadlines Approaching: Timbers Reportero Program Applications are due January 20th. Applications for Presenters are due January 20th. Art, Poetry, and Video Contest Entries must be turned in by January 20th. Scholarship Applications are due January 27th.