Conference Rules

The César E. Chávez Leadership Conference Committee expects you to come to the conference prepared to learn and to enjoy the activities which are planned for you. We ask you to adhere to the guidelines listed below in order to ensure that you will be safe and benefit from the day.

  • All Students are REQUIRED to remain on the University campus at all times.
  • All Students are REQUIRED to wear their conference t-shirts & name badges.
  • All Students must adhere to all school district rules and procedures regarding appropriate behavior.
  • No drugs, alcohol, or smoking allowed.
  • All Students must be dressed appropriately: no hats/caps, bandanas, headphones, hanging belts, sagging pants, tank tops, mini skirts, backpacks, oversized coats, cell phones or electronic devices.
  • All Students must be transported to and from the conference on school district transportation. No private cars are allowed.


Students who fail to adhere to any of these rules will be asked to leave the conference immediately. It will be the responsibility of the school district chaperone to notify your school’s principal and parents then arrange for removal of the student from the conference.

Evaluation Forms

A conference evaluation form in English and Spanish will be provided for you to fill out at the last session. Please fill it out and turn it in at the end of the last session. Your comments are very important in the planning of future conferences.


All workshops last 5o minutes and will focus on issues affecting Latino students and the Latino community. For assistance finding your work shops, please follow your WOU guide. All participants must attend their assigned workshops.


Many of the planned activities provide opportunities for students to establish relationships with other students from the Willamette Valley and the Metro area. We encourage you to take advantage and take this time to share and generate ideas with other students to take back to your schools and community.


Located in the new gym are booths and tables of exhibitors. There will be a wide-range of college, community, and company representatives who have information and resources to share with you. Please take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions and gather information.

First Aid

A first aid kit will be available at the registration table.

Continental Breakfast

There will be pan dulce, orange juice and water in the new gym during registration.